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The Crop Circle Mystery There are so many mysterious and dangerous places in the world that scientists know nothing about their existence. They still exist as a puzzle despite millions of efforts of scientists so far but never describe these places. For example, everyone knows about the Bermuda Triangle, a tribal area in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. So far, dozens of ships but many planes have disappeared, but no trace. There are numerous ideas about this place so far, but no answer seems satisfactory. It is in human nature that when we don't understand the existence of something, we grow scared and instead relate them to conspiracy theories like aliens, ghosts, and other creatures. One such mysterious case is the Crop Circles, which are mysterious circulars that usually appear within crops like wheat. It is inside a very press pattern that appears overnight in very fine order. But who makes them? How and for what purpose? No one has responded to this so far.  Today it is bei…

Mysterious Creatures Created Through Genetic Engineering

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For years, scientists have been busy experimenting with new techniques for crossbreeding. Now they are trying to change the genes of animals. They have also succeeded many times in this effort and they have been successful in creating new animals with a different genetic makeup. In today's article, we will discuss a few such animals.

List of GMO Animals

Here you can find the list of some animals created by science.
  2. Vacanti Mouse
  3. Sudden Death Mosquito, Oxitec
  4. Belgian Blue Cow
  5. Human Pig Chimera


genetically engineered animals

Along with China's economic development, people are also fond of raising new animals. It would not be wrong to say that breeding a new kind of animal has become the standard of modernity. Keeping in mind the needs of people, many Chinese companies have started to produce genetically engineered animals in labs. LEMURAT is also one of those animals. This animal is a cross-breed of cat and Lemur. The animal's hair is soft like a cat's and it's tail is striped like a Lemur, and their pale eyes also resemble lemurs. This breakthrough has been able to bring great value to pet companies.

2: Vacanti Mouse

vacanti mouse

Vacanti Mouse was one such mouse created in the laboratory, that had a structure similar to a human ear on its back. In this rat's body, a cow's brittle bone was cut into the design of the human ear and the rat's veins and nerves were attached to the bone that the bone began to grow inside the rat. But one question, which will also be circulating in your mind. Why design a vacanti mouse? What is the purpose of this experiment? In general terms, the purpose of this experiment was: Organ transplant and organ donation. If for whatever reason, an individual loses an ear in an accident, he can undergo ear transplant, with the transplanted ear being supplied by the Vacanti mouse. But this ear, made with the help of cows and mice, could not be transplanted to the house or be a donor due to tissue infection and rejection. In conclusion, scientifically, we have not gained anything from this experiment, except a viral image of a rat with a ear on its back and proof that we can genetically produce animals through genetic modifications in labs.

3: Sudden Death Mosquito, Oxitec

genetically modified animals list

A company called Oxitec had made changes through genetic engineering in the mosquito gene, that is, any mosquito born of its breed dies before it reaches puberty. Its purpose is to reduce the deaths caused by mosquito-borne diseases. On average, more than one million deaths are due to mosquitoes. And according to research, if the mosquitoes were to be introduced in ordinary colonies, we may have been able to stop the over-breeding of mosquitoes. In 2009, the company released three million mosquitoes in the open air on a Caribbean island and saw an 80% reduction in mosquito-borne growth. But not all scientists are in favor of completely eradicating mosquitoes because, to maintain balance in the ecosystem, everything a part of nature is necessary.

4: Belgian Blue Cow

list of gmo animals

This cow breed was produced in labs to increase meat production. The proteins that control the growth of meat in their body reduces over time, which causes their body weight to exceed its natural limit. Extraordinary exacerbations increase their health problems and many of the calves born from these particular cows are not healthy. Apart from these breeding problems, there are also problems with bones and joints. Often the calves die in the mother's lamb.

5: Human Pig Chimera

gmo animal testing

The purpose of this gene-splicing humans and animals experiment is to create human organs for harvesting, synthesised from the hybridization of humans and pigs. Every ten minutes, one person in the world needs a transplant of organs, and almost every day, 22 people lose their lives because of missing organs. According to scientists, the organs found in the animal's body, such as kidney liver, etc. can be transplanted to save human life.

6: Umbuku Lizard

umbuku lizard

Umbuku Lizard is a rare small animal which is believed to be of the genus Pterodactyl. Pterodactyl used to be flying reptiles before the Big Banf a.k.a. the age of dinosaurs, and over time they lost their ability to fly. Zimbabwean scientists have modified a specific gene of the lizard from the genus Pterodactyl and unlocked their ability to fly again. So far only a few lizards have been developed and have been retained from ordinary lizard to avoid cross-breeding and the loss of the gene.

The purposes of creating these genetically engineered animals are to create new drugs, enhancing yields, increase resistance to disease, etc. for the betterment and the benefits of mankind.

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  1. Wow this is interesting- never even thought that the animals would look like this. I guess it’s like prototypes? The cow.. just so fascinating

  2. I don’t think we should be creating these. But an interesting article - thanks for sharing.


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