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The Crop Circle Mystery There are so many mysterious and dangerous places in the world that scientists know nothing about their existence. They still exist as a puzzle despite millions of efforts of scientists so far but never describe these places. For example, everyone knows about the Bermuda Triangle, a tribal area in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. So far, dozens of ships but many planes have disappeared, but no trace. There are numerous ideas about this place so far, but no answer seems satisfactory. It is in human nature that when we don't understand the existence of something, we grow scared and instead relate them to conspiracy theories like aliens, ghosts, and other creatures. One such mysterious case is the Crop Circles, which are mysterious circulars that usually appear within crops like wheat. It is inside a very press pattern that appears overnight in very fine order. But who makes them? How and for what purpose? No one has responded to this so far.  Today it is bei…

Medical Benefits of Scorpions

medical benefits of scorpions

Medical Benefits of Scorpions

That is Australian black rock scorpion, and it's very toxic and can inflict severe damage to his enemies by stinging them. Still, there is also another feature of his poison that helps us to understand the feeling of pain that the sense of pain works inside our body, so understanding the poison of painkillers and other life-saving drugs has enabled us to create human beings. In the medical field, scientists have isolated another specific toxic substance from the scorpion's dung, also known as PA1 or wasabi receptor. This poisonous substance enters the human body and signals to our brain that our body has come under the influence of something dangerous and toxic, which is very harmful to our body. That is, it acts as an alarm inside the body and warns us how we can prevent this abnormal change in the body. And if that is not the case and our body is not aware of the danger, then it will continue to suffer severe damage from within or it will die. This stomach is also naturally produced inside humans, especially when you are crying or trying to chop onions. But the substance produced inside humans enters the human is an entirely different way within the Australian Black Rock Scorpion because it directly affects the human cell. But instead of feeling inflamed, it only makes sense of pain and not swelling. In view of this, the researchers thought, why not develop painkillers or pain-relieving medicines that directly affect the human nervous system and relieve pain immediately and also does not affect any other part of the body as almost all medicines within the medical field do. That is if these medicines are beneficial to one part of the body, then, of course, there are other parts of the body that are harmful, but in small quantities, but it is such a quantity that we humans cannot ignore it. The additional benefit is that the antibiotic drugs that our human body gets addicted very quickly, It will also be relieved, and such drugs have been named as a non-opioid pain killer. And above all, it is possible to cure Autoimmune diseases from scorpion's venom.
medical benefits of scorpions
There are more than fifty million patients in the United States alone because there are more than a hundred types of this disease. And the disease begins when our body's antibodies, the blood plasma cell-derived proteins that provide the body with the ability to fight bacteria or viruses. And as a shield protecting the body from them, they become enemies of our body, because they start destroying healthy body tissues that you can adequately fix the damage, which makes it life-threatening. And its treatment requires years of care and hard work, which is why the demand for these scorpions and their poison has increased immensely, especially within European countries. Not only that, it is possible to cure cancer through them.


medical benefits of scorpions
A drug called Vitadox is found explicitly inside what is called a blue scorpion. It helps to recover from cancer cells. It was tested on ten thousand patients, and the results started to show clearly as the new cells began to grow naturally, and then they were perfectly healthy. This drug may not completely cure cancer but can help to recover it. Recently, a unique molecule was discovered inside the poison of a Deathstalker Scorpion that attaches itself to cancerous brain cells and highlights them, which allows the doctor to detect cancer's exact location, making it much easier to treat. By regularly taking antibiotics, the bacteria in our body cause substantial interference against these antibiotics. Or become stronger over time, after which there is a time when antibiotics stop affecting our body. So to eliminate these powerful bacteria, researchers tested a blue scorpion poison on mice that were found in Mexico. It is possible to eliminate these dangerous bacteria from their poisonous compound, by which antibiotics do not even affect them.
medical benefits of scorpions
While another compound found in the same scorpion, the bacteria that invade the lungs and other parts that pass through the air or sneeze by coughing, are transferred to another person, It is possible to eliminate them too. That is an animal that we have considered as poisonous to date or whose creation is meaningless. These scorpions are cured of many incurable diseases we could not think of, so we say that God created nothing in this world without purpose. More researches are being conducted on scorpions & their venoms. Each breed of the scorpion is useful in treating a variety of illnesses, and in particular, those which are incurable. With the advancement in medical technology and an increase in diseases, learning more scorpions & researching on their venom is becoming more & more important. It is one of the reasons why the business of breeding scorpions and collections of their toxins is growing. Hopefully, today's article will be interesting for you, and you'll get to learn something new.
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