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The Crop Circle Mystery There are so many mysterious and dangerous places in the world that scientists know nothing about their existence. They still exist as a puzzle despite millions of efforts of scientists so far but never describe these places. For example, everyone knows about the Bermuda Triangle, a tribal area in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. So far, dozens of ships but many planes have disappeared, but no trace. There are numerous ideas about this place so far, but no answer seems satisfactory. It is in human nature that when we don't understand the existence of something, we grow scared and instead relate them to conspiracy theories like aliens, ghosts, and other creatures. One such mysterious case is the Crop Circles, which are mysterious circulars that usually appear within crops like wheat. It is inside a very press pattern that appears overnight in very fine order. But who makes them? How and for what purpose? No one has responded to this so far.  Today it is bei…

Four Best Vitamins For Skin

four best vitamins for skin
When it comes to getting glowing skin, your diet affects your skin's health and appearance. Although a clear skin diet is not a magical solution for everyone's skin, you can make a huge difference in acne or other skin diseases. For a clear skin diet, there are many things you need to know. Several studies show that eating a balanced diet of protein, fresh fruits and vegetables can improve your skin's appearance.

List of Vitamins

  • Vitamine A
  • Vitamine B12
  • Vitamine C
  • Vitamine E

Vitamine A

vitamins food
Vitamin A is high in foods like carrots, sweet potatoes, bananas and spinach. Vitamin A has been used for decades for the treatment of acne and promoting healthy skin cells production. Vitamin A can reduce acne by potentially eating nutrients that help control oil production. This was demonstrated in the "Journal of Investigative Dermatology". Retinoids can be found in animal products, such as eggs, fish, milk, butter and meat. Skin and diet health cannot be ruled out.

Vitamine B12

vitamins food
Vitamin B12 contains high foods such as fortified cereals, trout, beef and tuna. They are not uncommon in the United States, especially in hardy vegetarians. They are water-soluble vitamins and are important functions in the body to maintain healthy skin. They can also help to glow your skin and improve hyperpigmentation. It can also prevent birth defects. It also protects the brain from neuronal damage and leads to healthy hair, skin and nails.

Vitamine C

vitamins foods
Vitamin C contains high-quality foods like grapes, oranges, broccoli, Brussels sprouts. It helps prevent sun damage, helps to keep skin strong and firm. It also provides antioxidant protection and also helps to improve the symptoms of ageing.

Vitamine E

vitamins foods
Vitamin E helps cell function, immune system, and skin health. It is also beneficial in reducing UV damage to the skin. Foods high in vitamin E are green leafy vegetables, nuts and broccoli. It plays an important role in protecting the body from free radicals. Vitamin E can help nourish and protect the skin primarily from damage caused by free radicals. Drinking more than one cup of coffee a day can have adverse effects on your skin. Excessive urination and impairing your sleep can lead to dehydration. High glycemic foods such as white rice, sugar and other foods that increase insulin levels are considered high glycemic foods.
The subject of debate in a scientific society, the strong link between skin and diet health cannot be ruled out.
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