Einstein & The Bees - Why Should We Worried?

honey bees
There are about twenty thousand species of bees in our world. The most important of which is the Honeybees. Einstein once said that if all the bees in the world suddenly disappear from the world, humans will disappear within just four years. And above all, the blessings that will be taken first from the world is honey. That is, eliminating bees because, without them, it is impossible to make honey. According to science, the number of bees is continuously decreasing in our world, and they have dropped from Fifty Percent to ninety Percent. In 1900, their homes were close to fifty million, which now stands at just twenty-five million. Humans can indeed survive without honey, but it is also a fact that after the removal of the bees, humans will not be able to withstand the conditions of this world environment. So then the question is, what is the key reason why small insects are so important to humans and this world? This is what we will learn about in today's article.
honey bees

Importance Of Honey Bees

Bees are the most important insect pollinators. Like humans and animals, plants also have male and female. Pollen is present on the flora of the foliage. The pollen has a strong aroma that causes the bees to attract towards it, and when the bees sit on these flowers, this pollen sticks to their feet and body. When these flies sit on the female flower, they spread the pollen, thereby completing the transfer, and that is why the plants around the world bear fruit. That is, it is the little worm that has been given the task by nature. By the way, many other birds and bees also do this job, but Seventy Percent does this job by bees. This means a hundred percent of our world's natural foods or fruits have the kindness of bees. Because if it doesn't, then our ecosystem will be destroyed, because if there were no pollination, people would lose $ 265 million a year for food. Apples, mangoes, strawberries, grapes, onions are all gone. The trees will begin to fade away, causing oxygen to be reduced to humans. Glaciers around the world will start to melt as the earth's temperature and global warming increase, causing further flooding, and all areas below sea level will be submerged. People will die of starvation. Because if they start eating the meat of animals, except fruits and vegetables, then the grass will be less for the animals to eat and they will die too. That is, it will be impossible for humans to survive. Now you can guess what this little fly can do in just four years.
honey bees

Why Should We Worried?

According to the scientist, COD is continuously decreasing and dying before they become adults. The most important and the main reason for this is that we are human beings because they are ending up not just one by one, but by the whole, because of this disorder. Two types of parasites are attacking them and stopping their birth and survival, and the number has been steadily declining since 2000. It is also another critical cause of the spread of toxic substances used on flowers. In 1990 chemical Nicotine was officially available worldwide for use on plants and was being used almost everywhere in the world. This toxic spray demeans the nervous system of these bees. When the poisonous spray is present on the flowers of plants, it also sticks to the bees that come on them. And when these bees return to their honeycomb, it spreads throughout the entire hive and destroys it. Apart from these chemicals also annoy the bees' nervous system, which causes them to forget their way home and eventually die somewhere. And if this continues, these bees will disappear in the future. Also, dangerous radiation emissions from mobile phones are a significant reason for their continued decline. Experiments have proven that the natural compass in their brains does not work properly due to the radiation emitted from mobile towers, which causes the bees to die. In addition, the rest of the birds are somehow dying under its influence; there are many other factors that can affect the bee population as well. For example, the effects of changing seasons, deforestation, climate changes are also the cause of their genocide, and so after they are eliminated, everything that is connected to them is going to end up being impossible for humans to live in this world. The solution to these issues is that these toxic sprays be removed, and mobile phone towers radiations kept away from their environment. Artificially try to enhance them so that in the future our children can breathe in this clean oxygen, and if not, their effects will be felt all over the world.
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