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The Crop Circle Mystery There are so many mysterious and dangerous places in the world that scientists know nothing about their existence. They still exist as a puzzle despite millions of efforts of scientists so far but never describe these places. For example, everyone knows about the Bermuda Triangle, a tribal area in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. So far, dozens of ships but many planes have disappeared, but no trace. There are numerous ideas about this place so far, but no answer seems satisfactory. It is in human nature that when we don't understand the existence of something, we grow scared and instead relate them to conspiracy theories like aliens, ghosts, and other creatures. One such mysterious case is the Crop Circles, which are mysterious circulars that usually appear within crops like wheat. It is inside a very press pattern that appears overnight in very fine order. But who makes them? How and for what purpose? No one has responded to this so far.  Today it is bei…

Mysterious Books Of All Time - Black Magic Books

black magic books
Undoubtedly good books are useful to humans and entertaining when you are alone. Many nations learn from them and move towards the path of development. However, there have been some useless and pointless books written & introduced by humans, who have played a terrible role in destroying the peace of society. The introduction of such meaningless knowledge into the community had, individually and collectively, put humans into a state of disarray. And it seems as if these devilish books have been written with a mission to bring humanity downward in a spiralling pathway towards Satanic purposes. In today's article, some of these books will be discussed, along with experts' opinions on the matter. Some of these books can have a dire effect on human psychology and can ruin lives, which is why I highly suggest not reading them. Let's get started!

List of Satanic books

  1. Codex Gigas
  2. Grand Grimoire
  3. Munich Manual
  4. The Book That Kills
  5. Voynich Manuscript
  6. Linda Manual
  7. The Satanic Bible

Codex Gigas

black magic books
It is a Latin book written in the area of the present Czech Republic during the 13th century. It measures three feet in length and weighs 74kg, as 160 donkey skins were used to make it's binding and cover. This book is 620 pages long, and every chapter is a vicious copy of the Bible. This book outlines ways to control witchcraft and giants. This book is also known as "the Devil's Bible," while there is another reason for this name. The book also contains a strange picture of the devil. And it is said that one of the pastors who used to practice black magic with this book, was sentenced to death. The priest requested his ruler that if his sentence was pardoned, he would create a book that would be a masterpiece of knowledge and art. His ruler gave this pastor a night to write such a book. The priest tried hard, but it was impossible to write the whole book in one night, So he started worshipping the devil and dedicated his soul to the devil, and in return, the devil wrote this book in the morning before dawn. It also had the seal of Satan as his image. Today, the book is still in its original state in the Czech Republic National Library.

Grand Grimoire

black magic books
According to Jewish tradition, this book bases on the writings of Solomon, and the original version of this book is currently present in the Vatican City. The book is known that it cannot be destroyed or even destroyed by fire. To overcome nefarious evil from this book, it is better not to read it as it holds no benefits for humankind in the world or the hereafter (if you believe in such things).

Munich Manual

black magic books
Munich Manual is a Latin book written in the fifteenth century with the subject of demonic practices and controlling ghosts. The strangest thing about this book that makes it unique from other mysterious books is that it contains only black magic. This book comprised of three parts. The first part is Illusion magic. That is, to show the person who under the spell of magic something that does not exist. Second, Psychological magic is the magic that controls the emotions of the person, and the third part is the part through which one can determine the past, the future. In addition, the Munich Manual mentions a mirror called "Mirror of Lilith" that's been used for any occult and dark magic purposes.

The Book That Kills

black magic books
During the sixteenth century, Queen Elizabeth's adviser who specializes in mysterious sciences, as well as a mathematician and astronomer. He had a magical manuscript written in Latin, and it is said that the adviser has spent the rest of his life interacting with other creatures and understanding this book. The book disappeared after the advisor's death, disappearing for hundreds of years, and became visible in 1994. This book contains many magical puzzles, names of angels, and their genealogies. No one knows who the author of this book is. Experts have been researching this book for many years, but no definite conclusions have made so far.

Voynich Manuscript

voynich manuscript
One of the world's most mysterious book is the centuries-old book "Voynich Manuscript," written in an unknown and coded language. No language expert has been able to explain it yet. The pictures of naked people, unfamiliar landmarks, explicit s, strange plants, and extravagant photographs make no sense. Many people even call these writings magical powers, while some believe that this book was written in a country in Europe during the fifteenth century. But what is striking is that it contains images of some of the cosmos that scientists today are aware of through telescopes. Despite years of research, psychologists have failed to understand this language. However, some experts say that this language has never existed in any era or region in the history of humanity.

Linda Manual

This book is the most beloved book of the German Nazis, According to the Nazis, this book has the status of Aryans and the Bible.

The Satanic Bible

black magic books
This book considered to be the first book of the devil, which consists of satanic articles and rituals. This book has been authored by the devil priest Anton Lavey, and this man used to train lions in the circus before being attracted to Satanism. Later he became a crime photographer and psychologist. This book, called the Satanic Bible, consists of four parts. It contains magical rituals related to adultery and destruction.
These books are quest to buy & search for them can cause tremendous damage, because these are all the books through which Satan worships and undoubtedly kept him so mysterious to mislead people. So that people may stray into his curiosity and become followers of Satan. That is why it is very important for the common man to know about such books so that even if one reads a set of words, it does not take long for him to understand this deception.
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