The Crop Circle Mystery Explained: A Closer Look - Live Science

The Crop Circle Mystery There are so many mysterious and dangerous places in the world that scientists know nothing about their existence. They still exist as a puzzle despite millions of efforts of scientists so far but never describe these places. For example, everyone knows about the Bermuda Triangle, a tribal area in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. So far, dozens of ships but many planes have disappeared, but no trace. There are numerous ideas about this place so far, but no answer seems satisfactory. It is in human nature that when we don't understand the existence of something, we grow scared and instead relate them to conspiracy theories like aliens, ghosts, and other creatures. One such mysterious case is the Crop Circles, which are mysterious circulars that usually appear within crops like wheat. It is inside a very press pattern that appears overnight in very fine order. But who makes them? How and for what purpose? No one has responded to this so far.  Today it

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